Plein de Bohn(es) choses !

Lots of Bohn (es) things!

lundi 22 avril 2024

A lot of good things, This is what I wish you for this new year, even if the wishes are working less and less well since 2020. 

But I drank too Full of Bohn (es) things which I will cause you now, in the first place, the wines ofArthur Bohn. He is one of those who dare new things in Alsace, opening up new perspectives that we would not have dared to imagine. 

Alsace in bulk (12.50 €)

Multi-Mid-Milled Riesling, Auxerrois, Sylvaner, Muscat and Gewurztraminer assembly, raised 30 months in lightning. 

The brilliant dress is between gold and copper. 

The nose is abundant, complex, on the faded rose, the orange blossom, the dried orange bark, the oriental spices ... 

The mouth is lively, stretched a freshness evoking the blade of a katana sparkling in the sun, while deploying a mature, coated, very finely astringent material, offering beautiful bitters on citrus bark. 

The finish prolongs the mouth without jerk, with just an additional concentration, with persistence on bitter orange, faded rose and spices. 

Alsace Coup de jus 2022 (18.90 €) 
Infusion of Pinot Noir on Pinot Gris juices and riesling.

The translucent dress is between the vermilion and the ruby. 

The nose is fine, on a nice smoked / toasted reduction reminiscent of certain Burgundy wines, supplemented by a peppery touch and a hint of cherry and volatile (positive)*. 

The mouth is a hymn to the fruit and freshness that seizes you from the attack so as not to let go, with an aerial material, very ample, underlined and toned by a line of carbon dioxide. If you are a minimum Aware, it's from bohner total ! 

The finish full of pep, fruit and freshness succeeds not only not to break the moment of grace, but to make it more unforgettable, with a persistence on the cherry nucleus and the spices. 

 * With ventilation, a more animal side appears.

Pinot Gray and Pinot Noir assembly

The dress is between the ruby ​​and the vermilion, with tiled reflections. 

The nose is fresh, intense, on the cherry, plum, floral pot-pourri and sweet spices. 

The mouth is round, ample, brilliant with freshness, offering a finely velvety, caressing material, on a petuting and slightly spicy fruit. 

The finish is fresh and toned, on the caster and its nucleus, with persistence on sweet spices and wilted flowers.


100 % syrah, without sulfites added

The dress is dark opaque purple, tinging the glass to the agitation. 

The nose is expressive and delicious, on the black fruit coulis, violet and incense. 

The mouth is round, ample, velvety, offering luscious flesh of an impressive density, and an intense fruit of a brilliant freshness, forming an absolutely irresistible set. 

The finish turns out to be a little firmer, but gluttony and freshness are such that it is forgiven everything, with persistence on the blackberry coulis, the violet and the cocoa. 

Bourboulenc (10%), Clairette (60%) and Marsanne (30%)

The dress is pale, shiny. 

The nose is discreet, on the hot apple, lemon and a slight fermentary touch. 

The mouth is round, ample, fresh, deploying a luscious / frying material with bright and gourmet fruit. 

The finish is both toned and concentrated, combining a thin spraying / lemony astrint with noble bitterness (Pomelo bark, light quinquina) which persists at length. 


100 % Carignan (45 years old) without sulfites added

The dress is a translucent dark garnet. 

The nose is fine, deep, on the quetsche, the graphite, the bay leaf and the peony. 

The mouth is round, ample, velvety, of a freshness and an insolent fruit (e), with a luscious, gourmet, fairly irresistible material. 

The fleshy final offers a scoundrel lamb's lettuce which will eventually convince the most hesitant, with a vibrating fruit underlined by the Licorice, the Violette and the Garrigue notes. Falling for something ! 


Château draws pé 2019 (15.90 €) 
Cabernet Franc and Malbec assembly from mass selection

The dress is a translucent dark garnet. 

The nose is discreet on very ripe black fruits, spices and a hint of menthol. 

The mouth is very wide from the attack, lining the palate with a dense and velvety material with great aromatic freshness, with an impressive fruit. 

The finish prolongs the sensations of the mouth with even more fruit and freshness, underlined by a beautiful chalky lamb's lettuce on blackcurrant, blackberry and menthol. Very beautiful wine! 


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