Eric Reppertthe founder

"The creation of ethnless wines started from a simple observation: oenophile and lover of offbeat wines, I had a limited choice with local wine merchants. My work does not allow me to go run the vineyards and the salons, it was Difficult to obtain myself. I should not be the only one ...

I took advantage of a dismissal plan to get started, and happen that can. My higher studies in international trade (DESS Export), my professional experiences of sale with GMS in the terrestrial and satellite TV reception, in the logistics parcel and telecoms allowed me to avoid the traps of the young creator of E-commerce company.

In early 2003, the adventure started with a range of twelve wines, most of which are still referred today. They had to have an originality other than that of the packaging: rare grape varieties, unpublished assemblies, unknown terroirs, wines refused to approval, unusual vinifications, risen vineyards, ...

Not frankly trendyorganic wines and ornatureAt the start, it turned out that the most original wines were in these winegrowers. From thread by needle, I selected More than 1,500 organic or "nature" wines, the widest range of the web deliverable during the week.

For almost ten years, I managed to assume all the tasks alone, but it became increasingly difficult. I needed someone to assist myself. This is how I hired Eric Bernardin in September 2012. Customer since the start of the site, we met several times. We had planned to work together one day. It's done !

Eric Bernardinanimator

"Responsible for a tasting club in Evreux, I was interested in Eric Reppert's approach. I brought him twice to animate two" amazing "evenings (the report of the second is visibleHERE). Everyone loved these evenings, because they gave the opportunity to discover wines that were out of the ordinary.
At the same time, I started a blog around wine and gastronomy,To drink and to eat. This experience allowed me to know the "Glouglouphere" and all (UX) which revolves (nt) around. She also opened other doors to me since I was offered to write a book onMédoc classified raw, published in 2010 (another is underway on Saint-Émilion).
One foot in the wine trade, the other in the web, I dreamed of finding a job that would reconcile both. It's done since September 2012. As soon as I created a Blog completed by aFacebook page. Every day of the week, a new article is published: on a wine, a producer, a grape, an agreement puts & wine ... A faithful audience has formed, a single watchword: theSINCERITY.
Amazing wines is a real wine merchant but without a hard store. So we select the wines after tasting. We are not a showcase in which the producers come to be referenced and then send you the order directly from the domain! This marketing method has never convinced.
Beyond the unusual side of certain wines, we are looking above allwines that create an emotion, not just a label but also a winemaker, a terroir and a story. We have a cultural approach to wine, our site is not a showcase with that "good deals in-Ne-Pas-Manquer-sous-aucun-Prétexte".
We also want, when a bottle leaves your cellar to honor a table, you can talk to your guests and share a moment of conviviality.