Rietsch au sommet !

Rietsch at the top!

vendredi 14 juin 2024

Honestly, it's hard to know what to expect when attacking a tasting of the wines in the fieldRietsch, far from standardization. Each year, they have a different profile. As I really enjoyed myself last year, I was rather afraid of being disappointed. Well I was wrong: on most wines, the level is even higher, even if it is difficult to make an honest comparison one year away.


I repeatedly use very complimentary qualitatives. But I still prefer to specify that we are still dealing with fairly atypical wines that will not necessarily like everyone. Must be Aware, as JCVD ​​would say, a great Belgian philosopher.

All white 2022 (15.50 € per liter)
Riesling (25 %), Sylvaner (25 %) and Auxerrois (50 %)
The dress is clear, shiny gold.

The nose is fine, ripe, on the quince, the pear with syrup and fine resinous notes.

The mouth is lively, slender, stretched by a fine tracing acidity, while offering a material that is both ripe and crystalline, underlined by a net of carbon dioxide, forming a tonic and delightful set.

The finish is still gaining pep and freshness, with a beautiful bitterness / astrint duo in bonus on lemon and fresh apple, passing the wine from delightful to enjoyable.


Riesling Stein 2022 (22.90€)

The dress is intense, sparkling gold.

The nose is superb, complex, on the confit yuzu, cedrat, faded rose and a terpenic touch.

The mouth is just as superb, tense like a competition arc while deploying a material that is both fresh and suave, tangy and candied, making multiple layers of taffeta dance in the palace. That's wonderful.

The intense and explosive mouth does not spoil not only the pleasure, but magnifies it, underlined by souls of anthology. What a wine!

The dress is yellow straw, shiny.

The nose is fine, deep, complex, on citrus bark, floral notes (jasmine, pink) and oriental spices.

The mouth is slender, stretched by an arachnean acidity, while unrolled a fine, aerial, paradoxically hyper-concentrated material, of a sparkling freshness contrasting with the candied aromatics.

The finish is much more concentrated than the mouth, seveuse, intense, but also sensual, marrying fresh lemon with candied citrus fruits, with persistence on tangy candy that crackles in the mouth.



Hands -free 2022  (19.90 €)
100 % klevener (pink savagnin) in maceration

The dress is gold (angel), shiny.

The nose is fine, delicate, on the bark of candied orange, ginger and floral pot.

The mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, while presenting a rich, mature, coated material, of an impressive power and concentration, with a counterpoint a freshness seeming to emerge from nowhere.

The final confirms the crescendo of freshness, hoisting it at a paroxysmal level, with a subjugating and kaleidoscopic aromatic palette. Hénaurme wine!

100 % Pinot Gray in maceration

The dress is vermilion with orange reflections.

The nose is typical, with a marked varnish side ... and not much else.

The mouth is very lively, stretched by sharp acidity, offering a fruity / tangy material, gourmet, evoking the cricot.

The final is toned, tart, with bitters on the cherry nucleus and a subtle return of the volatile. Nice; But for lovers of natural wines.


Demoiselle 2022 (19.90 €)
100 % gewurztraminer in maceration

The dress is between pink gold and orange.

The nose is fine, complex, on the rose, oriental spices and a hint of volatile.

The mouth is of an exciting finesse and freshness that sends you direct to the drinker's paradise. It is of a dinguissime, very airy, and at the same time, of great intensity on the rose, vine fishing, spices.

The finish is a marvel of power and balance: it sends heavy while being of extraordinary freshness and digestibility, with persistence Bolliwoodian on spices and floral notes.


The translucent dress is deep garnet.

The nose is toned, on the cherry, wild black fruits and a hint of volatile that brings freshness.

 The mouth is lively, with the opening a carbon dioxide which takes over, giving the impression of drinking an effervescent wine. After a rapid degassing (carafe and shaken several times), the mouth is round, ample, velvety, almost aerial, with a luscious material, very finely catchy, with expressive and gourmet fruit.

The finish starts on a scoundrel bite, with a fruit that gains in freshness and tone, on the cherry, the violet, the faded rose, and these earth notes after the rain (Petrichor).


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