Que c'est beau, Peillot !

How beautiful, Peillot!

vendredi 24 mai 2024

I had not yet had time to discover the new wines / vintages of the familyPeillot. It's done with the two reds of the estate and the new cuvée, Wolf. It is a nod to a story told by the grandfather of the winemaker. An 8 -legged wolf, 4 normal, and 4 on the back, was able, when tired, to turn around and continue on its way. We are on an assembly 50 % Chardonnay, 50 % Altesse, which is not very commonplace.
Pinot Noir 2022 (13.90 €)


The dress is translucent purple.

The nose is fine, aerial, on ripe cherry, damp earth and spices.

The mouth is round, loose, coated, deploying a falsely light, caressing material, with the texture between silk and velvet, expressing a fresh and delicious fruit. It goes down on its own, without the slightest satiety (be careful, therefore!).

The finish extends the mouth without the slightest jerk, with an even fresher and crunchy fruit, making this wine definitively addictive. ON will warn you!


Mondeuse 2021 (14.90 €)

The dress is a translucent dark purple.

The nose is rather discreet, letting black fruit escape that simmer in the cauldron (blackberry, blueberry).

The mouth is slender, tense by an invisible thread, while offering an air material, finely luscious, with great aromatic freshness and a completely irresistible fruit, forming a very well balanced set and total digestibility.

The finish continues the tension tirelessly by adding a scoundrel catchphrase, farting from fruit and spices - with also violet - followed by a beautiful spicy / spicy chew supplemented by the cherry and the blackberry. Killer ...



Wolf cuvée (13.90 €)

The dress is pale, shiny.

The nose is fine, on mature white fruits, berlingot and fresh butter.

The mouth grabs you by its freshness from the attack which persists in the form of a sharp acidity holding place of spine, while deploying a crunchy / pulp material as gourmet as tonic, hymn with pear and green apple.

The finish rises from a still of a notch in liveliness, tilting on the citrus - lemon pulp - and a fine criminal astrint mixed with the bitter of the pomelo which persist quite long.


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