4 rouges pour l'été

4 red for summer

vendredi 14 juin 2024


Like the previous time, not too much logic between the different wines. They just liked I liked in recent days. And to be able to be fresh bus (12-15 ° C), because with few tannins they will go both with grills and vegetable salads.

Niellucio, Sciacarello and Grenache


The dress is translucent garnet.

The nose is fine, on the raspberry, the white pepper, the garrigue and a thin resino-ballsamic touch.

Rather, the mouth has a slender dynamic even if the wine quickly gains in magnitude, filling the palate with a soft, aerial material, with a fresh and punchy fruit, it is complexified by spices, of the orange bark dried and the resin-ballsamic notes already perceived in the nose.

The finish pursues the tension of the mouth while concentrating the material without hardening it, taking a sevex / vinous side, with a more marked balsamic supplemented by citrus and spices, and persistence on forest humus and pot-jug floral. This wine is a taste adventure

50 % Pinot Noir, 50 % Pinot Gris
The dress is between vermilion and the ruby.
The nose is fine, on candied red berries and tangy candy.
The mouth bursts out of freshness from the attack, supported by a tonic pelant, before offering a frying / crunchy material, farting fruit, tangy toaster at the head.
The finish pursues the dynamics of the mouth with even more enthusiasm, underlined by the bitter nobles of the cherry nucleus and the Bigarade, with persistence on the cherry, orange and sweet spices. A "red" Alsace that is off the beaten track
100 % Pinot Noir
The dress is translucent garnet.
The nose is fine but intense, on the merise and its nucleus, the faded rose, the noble roundup.
The mouth is slender, energized by a fruit of great freshness, while deploying a fine, aerial material, of a beautiful touching softness, leading to a superb balance.
The final, subtly catchy, does not spoil anything, combining the cherry and the rose for our greatest happiness. Pinot as we like.  
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre
The dress is a translucent dark garnet.
The nose is expressive, on the cream of black fruit refreshed by a touch of resinous garrigue.
The mouth is round, ample, coated, with a fine, fresh, fruity material, gradually gaining in density.
The finish offers a gourmet lamb's lettuce, very tasty, with increased fruit and freshness, with persistence on the black cherry and cocoa powder. There is good!


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