Bienvenue dans un monde parallèle

Welcome to a parallel world

mercredi 04 octobre 2023

While astrophysicists keep debating to determine whether or not there are parallel universes, we can already affirm thatArnaud Combier created a range of wines parallel to the one he initiated a few years ago in Burgundy a few years ago. It comes from organic grapes, little or not sulfitated, and really leaves beaten and rebatus track.
Without sulfites added
The dress is intense, shiny gold.

The nose is just as intense, on the candied citrus, roasted butter fishing and sweet spices.

The mouth combines magnitude and tension, with a tonic pelant that grabs you as soon as the attack will no longer let go, and a round, ripe material, with a soft texture, with a candied aromatics balanced by bitter nobles.

The finish is intense, dynamic, mixing roasted fishing with Pomelo bark, with persistence on theIndian Tonic.

 50 % Syrah and 50 % Cabernet-Sauvignon
Without sulfites added

The dress is pale gold with a lot of thin bubbles.

The nose is dominated by the buttered notes slightly grilled at the opening, with the hot apple in the background.

The mouth is round, ample, farting of freshness thanks to the thousands of micro-bubbles, with a material with soft touch, always marked by this buttered side (leaving on the brioche).

The finish is more lively, with a peler who becomes more catchy / tonic, supplemented by tangy lemony notes.

The dress is very translucent garnet.

The nose is fine, ripe, on compoted red fruits, floral pot-pourri, wilted flowers and spices.

The mouth is round, ample, coated, offering an aerial material, finely luscious, with the fruit made and greedy underlined by the spices, all toned by a subtle plant line.

We find the latter in a bright rascal finish of fruit, extended by slightly peppery floral notes. It is a pure treat that can quickly make addictive.

Without sulfites added

The dress is dark, almost opaque.

The nose is rather discreet, but classy, ​​in the dark genre.

The mouth is round, ample, velvety, deploying a luscious material of an impressive concentration, with imposing but remarkably melted tannins. Aromatically, we are on black fruits (blackberry, cherry) supplemented by cocoa.

The finish is still gaining chewing and concentration, with a cooler and intense fruit, and persistence on dark chocolate and pepper.


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