Meyer is back !

Meyer is back!

dimanche 14 juillet 2024



We received a palette from the Meyer Domaine. For some cuvées as HAS the life Or Sea and shellfish, the vintage has not changed. So I'm not going to talk about it again. On the other hand, the 3 bottles of the day went on the vintage 2021 that I appreciate so much. He also accomplished wonders in Alsace. Unlike previous years, very solar and making fermentation difficult, Patrick has had little or no use of maceration. This changes the wines profile. And if I really liked hot stones in 2018, I love that of 2021.

The dress is a slightly troubled pale (leaving it 1-2 hours standing in advance).

The nose is fine, subtly reduced with a smoked / milk / grilled side), with fresh citrus notes and a touch of white beer.

The mouth is spherical, very large, aerial, deploying a delicately luscious material, evoking lemon in what it can have cooler and sensual. The whole is tense by a tangy frame as fine as it is sharp.

The explosive final extends this tension while intensifying sensations, going from pulp to lemon bark, with great persistence on the fresh citrus. Stunning !



The dress is clear, shiny gold.

The nose is very fine, on the rose, white peach, jasmine ...

The mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, while offering a finely velvety / fleshy, aerial material, with great aromatic freshness thanks to vegetable / herbaceous notes that succeed in staying on the right side of the force (but c 'is really borderline).

We find these in the final in a more exuberant version - but always on the razor's wire - between pink, sage, crumpled herbs, basil and green apple, with very persistence Green which will amaze or annoy.


The dress is golden and troubled (leave the bottle standing 24 hours in advance).

The nose is expressive, on yellow fishing, melon, faded rose, sweet spices, dried orange bark.

The mouth combines magnitude and tension, with an unreal material succeeding in being very dense and close to the gas, and a breathtaking aromatic freshness which tones and sculpts wine in space (rest assured, I am not sure to understand me- even what I just wrote). This is reinforced by a most tracing pelant.

The finish is of a dinguissime intensity, mixing the bark of citrus (Pomelo, Cédrat) with vine and faded rose, with a great persistence on the pink grapefruit and the oriental spices. Guaranteed emotions!



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