Finot au plus haut !

Finot at the highest!

lundi 22 avril 2024

We received the new vintages last week from certain cuvées of Thomas Finot. And as I am a conscientious person, I have tasted a major part. Apart from the Pinot Noir that I preferred last year, the other cuvées are really exciting: I do not think I have never been so delighted with the wines of the domain. 

The dress is intense gold. 

The nose is fine and ripe, on roasted white fruits and vine fishing. 

The mouth is lively, slender, tense by a fine laser acidity, while deploying a round, soft, subtle fat, succeeding in reconciling aromatic freshness and great maturity. The whole is underlined by a subtle bead. 

The finish extends the tension of the mouth with even more pep and freshness, to which are added noble bitters, on apricot, vine and toasted brioche peach notes. Superb wine! 

There Greenness is a grape variety of the future, managing to offer great acidity even when the grape is ripe (without going up in alcohol towers). 

The dress is dark garnet. 

The nose is fine, deep, on the ripe cherry, the damp earth and the nucleus. 

The mouth is round, loose, coated, with a fleshy / velvety material with the fruit as ripe as it is crunchy. 

The finish offers a gourmet, fresh and fruity lamb's lettuce, on the black cherry, the apple, the petrichor and spices. 

It's very good, well balanced. But since I loved the 2021, I am a little disappointed. 




The dress is a translucent dark garnet. 

The nose is fine, classy, ​​on the candied black cherry, and resin-ballsamic notes taking you direct to Tuscany. 

The mouth is ample, aerial, with a very fine, delicate material, which caresses the whole palace to you, but it is the freshness and the purity of the fruit that impress the most. It is absolutely stunning, while being an obvious simplicity. 

The finish succeeds not only not to break the magic, but to sublimate it even more, by adding an additional freshness and depth, on the cherry, cocoa, juniper berry and cubic pepper. 

A superb wine, again, and a grape to follow in the coming years


The dress is translucent purple. 

The nose is fine, complex, on the candied Quetsche, the raspberry, the violet, and full, full of beautiful things. 

The mouth is a fresh and fruity breath that immerses you, with a softness of texture that dreams are made of. 

The finish is more landmark, offering a delicate powder texture, with an even purer fruit that has an incredible expansion, and leaves you speechless but happy. 

I am totally aware of the "smoking" character of my comment, but I may have turned the wine more than 7 times in my mouth, I did not find other words to express what I feel. What reassures me a little is that a friend tasted him afterwards after me, and found that what I wrote was connected with what he felt on his side. It's up to you to test in your turn!


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