Albert à son meilleur !

Albert to his best!

samedi 20 juillet 2024

Yesterday, when I mentioned Granite bucket 2022 of Serol, I was going to say that it was so far, I was not too fan of this vintage, too often soft. And then I remembered that I had already drank a certain number of exceptions that prevented me from writing this. Well here is one more with this Albert 2022 vineyard of the family Of Conti, even if we are on a very different style. It's much more opulent, but p ... what is good!
As a reminder, we are on a vineyard of around sixty years planted by the grandfather, with a complantation of all the Bergerac grape varieties: Cabernet-Franc, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec but also Fer-Servadou and Périgord. Wine is 100 % grapes. No added input, and neither collage nor filtration.
The dress is dark, almost opaque.
The nose exhales the black fruits that simmer in the jam cauldron, with the added bonus, a touch of incense and a pinch of spices.
The mouth is round, very large, coated, deploying a fleshy / luscious material with a velvety texture, with very intense fruit (without being too much) refreshed by menthol notes. The balance at this level of maturity is impressive.
The finish reveals an imposing lamb's lettuce, but very greedy, with the fruit and the still increased freshness, with a persistence on the blackberry cream and the spicy cocoa. Yum !


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