4 coups de cœur !

4 favorites!

vendredi 12 juillet 2024


These 4 wines have nothing to do with each other, except that I have been busy in recent days and I really liked it. The good news is that they are accessible to everyone as much in terms of price as taste. And for 3 of them, we have what it takes in bottles to meet the demand.


100 % Chenin
The dress is clear, shiny gold.
The nose is very chenin, on ripe white fruits (apple, pear, quince), linden flower and humid chalk.
The mouth grabs you by its crunchy freshness from the attack before offering a luscious, fond, gourmet fruit, of great digestibility.
The finish is toned, with a criminal scoundry combining ripe apple and lemon pulp. A delight !
70 % Tannat, 30 % Cabernet-Franc
The dress is purple very dark translucent.
The nose is fine, on black fruit cream, raspberry, cocoa and spices.
The mouth is round, loose, coated, with a velvety, juicy material, more dense than it seems at first. The whole with expressive fruit is of a rare delicacy for a wine in the sector.
The finish delivers a tasty lamb's lettuce, with a fruit and a freshness which gain in intensity, and a persistence on the blackberry cream, the spices and the cocoa. What is good!
Black Gamay from Auvergne, Gamay, Syrah and Aligoté


The dress is a translucent dark purple.

The nose is fine, fresh, appetizing, on black fruits, raspberry and sweet spices.

The mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, offering a juicy, vibrant, brilliant material, in a word, enjoyable (once it has been degassed by waving the glass or the carafe where you have emptied wine).

The finish extends the dynamics and further increases pleasure, Mr. Plus seeming to have been there. . I adore !


Haute grass 2021, Jeff Carll  (9.50 €)
 65 % Grenache / 20 % Carignan / 15 % Syrah


The dress is a translucent dark garnet with purplish reflections.

The nose is fine, fresh, on candied black fruits and superb resin-ballsamic notes.

The mouth is very ample, aerial, of a communicative freshness, unrolling a soft, silky material, with intense and several fruit refreshed by menthol and eucalyptus.

The finish prolongs the mouth by intensifying it while preserving its finesse, always with this candied / balsamic side counterbalanced by fresh blackcurrant and menthol. An impressive balance wine!


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