L'été s'invite au Château de la Selve !

Summer invites itself to the Selve castle!

vendredi 14 juin 2024

Dear friends,

Here is the latest news in the field after a spring which, as usual, has occupied them well in the vineyard!

It is with a great relief that they arrived in July with a harvest that presents itself at best, without having been affected either by frost or hail.

It is confident and enthusiastic thatadvance Florence And Benoît Chazallon to a promising vintage 2023.

In espterant that the sun and the heat will be in the game quickly; Luckily, there has been great rains for the moment that give a brilliant green to a Ardèche usually more dull at that time.





Vignes sides

 New plots planted!

 Having taken advantage of the humidity and the freshness of mid-spring to plant new grape varieties, historically present in the terroirs of the South Ardèche. You will be able to find them in the little white selve!

This is the Grenache Gray buthas Also summer planted Clairette Rose.

This first grape variety is known to be resistant to wind and dryness while giving very juicy grapes to thick skin. The Clairette Rose is appreciated as a table grape because her grapes are tasted and fragrant. It is also a very resistant to drought grape.

After the size of winter, and have formed and attached the new arms of Seps, return to the vine for the spaming (remove the superfluous stems which will not give more airy vine and a more balanced harvest, they leave two per head, which is 5 to 6 heads per CEP!).


Then they noted them, that is to say that they made them pass between the threads in order to have a good ventilation and good penetration of the sun.













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