Encore du nouveau chez Carrel !

Still new at Carl!

mardi 05 mars 2024

In the four cuvées that I will tell you about today, only one is arealnovelty. The others change vintage. But it is much more than a replacement of a number on a label: the content is very different from the previous one. You can think that otherwise, I wouldn't have told you about it.

The real novelty, therefore, isequilibrium. It is certainly the most experimental cuvée that Jeff Carll has never done: associating red grape varieties and white grape varieties, we could say that it is ablouge. Except that the latter underwent a maceration of skins during fermentation. So we are on ablourange(Do not look for a dico: it does not exist!). History of "complicating" things, assembly two almost unknown grape varieties: theSoreiliand theG14. The first has already appeared in the Spectacularof the same Carrel, associated with Muscat. It is a hybrid grape from Italy resistant to cryptogamic diseases. G14 is a recent creation of INRA. He is one of theBouquet grape varieties Coming from a succession of crosses, the first of which dates back to 1919.



It has been tested for ten years: it also resists vine diseases (which allows you to use the tractor much less and be more organic than organic).



At balance 2022 (9.90 €) 
vsAbernet Sauvignon / G14 / Soreli / Muscat


The dress is between the ruby ​​and the vermilion, with light orange reflections.

The nose is quite incredible, mixing the pink cherry, spices with orange blossom via the orange bark.

The mouth is round, very large, enveloping, with a material as fine as it is fresh, with a baroque aromatic mixing floral and fruity notes.

The finish is gaining in density, with a thin spraying lamb's lettuce and an even more exacerbated taste palette, on the red berries, the rose, the violet, the incense, the bitter orange and the sweet spices.


The Rontada 2021 (8.90 €)
Syrah / Grenache / Carignan


The dress is Genat Dark Translucent.

The nose is fine, intense, on candied red and black fruits, resin-ballsamic and spicy notes.

The mouth is slender, stretched by a beautiful tension, offering a dense and soft, severe, very candied and balsamic material, while displaying great freshness.

The finish extends the dynamics of the mouth with an increased density and aromatic intensity, followed by an explosion of freshness on the cricot, the nucleus and the soft spices.


Sangiovese 2022 (8.60 €)

The dress is translucent ruby.

The nose is fine, deep, complex, on the cherry red Confit, the rotten flower pot, the pepper, the bay leaf and the soft spices.

The mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, while deploying a very fine, airy material, with a crunchy and delicate fruit, supplemented by tertiary and floral notes. A subtle fillet of carbon dioxide tones and refreshes the whole.

The finish starts with a scoundrel hooking before offering a tasty and farting lamb's lettuce, on the nucleus, the tangy cherry and the soft spices.

80 % Grenache, 20 % Syrah

The dress is translucent garnet.

The nose is fine, on the candied raspberry, the violet liquor and the pepper white. 

The energetic mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, unrolling a finely velvety material with ripe and luscious fruit, noted with elegant floral notes.

The beautiful finish offers a fine tasty lamb's lettuce with powdery tannins, on raspberry, incense, pepper and bay leaf


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