Sérol'ment bon !

Serol'ment good!

vendredi 01 décembre 2023

The large cuvées of Domaine Sérol arrived at the end of last week (by refrigerated transport). As I am a conscientious person, I had to taste them. One would have thought that it would be difficult to reach the level of the 2020 and 2021, at the top of Mount Gamay. Well, not even afraid, the Stéphane Sérol. The three open bottles were superb, completely transcending the grape variety for the great terroirs of the Roannaise coast. .



The Blondins 2022 (18.90 €)


The dress is a translucent dark purple.

The nose is expressive, on the raspberry, the blackberry, the violet, with a slight yogurt touch.

The mouth is round, very large, coated, with fruit and the bright freshness, endowed with a finely velvety / juicy material, all carried by a communicative energy which pulses serious.

The jubilant final extends the dynamics with an additional energy, freshness fruit, on a basket of black and red fruit completed by spices and cocoa. Irresistible !

Oudan 2022 (18.90 €)

The dress is translucent garnet with purplish reflections.

The nose is fine, ripe, deep, complex on candied black fruits, the roundup, and a feeling of minerality (smoke, graphite).

The mouth is slender, stretched by an energy emerging from nowhere, deploying a fine and aerial material - but not lacking in flesh and background - with a pure, racy fruit and an impressive minerality (pebble juice!).

The finish is more landmark, with a fine tasty lamb's lettuce, but still gains in race and in depth, on the blackberry, the violet and the slate heated to the sun.


MILLERANDS 2022 (21.90 €)


The dress is translucent garnet with purplish reflections.

The nose is fine, aerial, on the raspberry and violet liqueur, with a touch of incense and hot stones.

The mouth is slender, with crazy tension, and an impactful material, both powerful and airy, fresh and candied, fruity and mineral, and an abyssal depth in which the tastor sinks with joy.

The finish is sublimely rustic: it hangs, but we love it, and we ask for so much the fruit and the freshness are intense. It's not even imaginable, in fact. Did you say addictive?


I did not open any Perdrezières, because we have very little. But when I tasted it in January, I noted gorgeous. You see what you have to do ;-)


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