Nouveaux millésimes chez Giribaldi !

New vintages at Giribaldi!

mardi 05 mars 2024

We have just received a palette of the Piedmont, with among others the return of Langhe Rosso that we had not had for a long time. I don't know if it is the effect of waiting, but it is the best we have ever had. The other cuvées are not to be outdone. Everything is drunk superbly when the bottles have just made a big journey.
Langhe Rosso 2022 (8.50 €)
Nebbiolo, Pinot Nero, Barbera and Dolcetto

The dress is translucent garnet.

The nose is fine, on candied red fruits, quetsche pie and sweet spices.

The mouth is slender, ranging from the front, with a fine, fruity and tangy material, subtly spicy.

The finish extends the dynamics of the mouth by adding a little lamb's lettuce while still gaining freshness and expressiveness, on the cherry, hot plum and spices. Super value for money!



Piemonte Barbera 2022 (8.50 €)


The dress is a translucent dark garnet.

The nose is very discreet; Leaving to escape from the blackberry coulis and a yogurt touch.

The mouth is round, ample, velvety, with a luscious material / juicy foll of fruit and toned by a fine net of carbon dioxide.

The finish delivers a very delicious chalky lamb's lettuce, with an even more intense fruit and a scoundrel pepper. It's good !

The dress is a translucent dark garnet with purplish reflections.

The nose is fine, on the candied raspberry refreshed by the cherry and the cherry kernel. The mouth is toned and tense, while offering a fleshy, luscious material, with crunchy and tangy fruit, with irresistible gluttony. Here, the bead is not only a problem, but clearly a flavor of flavor and pleasure.

The finish gains (a little) in firmness but even more in fruit and freshness, with a bite of the most Canailles. Bomb!



The dress is very dark garnet barely translucent.

The nose is fine, on the candied cherry, raspberry and pepper white. 

The mouth is round, very large, enveloping, deploying a velvety material of an impressive density, with a very mature fruit, but not heavy, succeeding in remaining balanced despite its richness thanks to a well integrated carbon dioxide.

The finish is intense, penetrated, very concentrated, combining candied notes with an unreal and enjoyable freshness. Top !





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