La Grapp'A, nouveau domaine jurassien !

La Grapp'a, a new Jura area!

lundi 22 avril 2024

The Jura vineyard is in full swing. Unless you are raw, it is difficult to be able to identify all the young shoots that appear here and there. For La Grapp'a, It is  Jean-François Ganevat himself who advised us to go see them. It must be said that it was he who helped them get started by finding the vines and giving them his advice. This certainly explains that for beginners, Aurélie spoke And Julien Maublanc manage damn well! 

For the moment, they cultivate 5 ha nearArbois. They are still looking for a few additional vines, but do not want to go beyond 10 ha. 

We are clearly on a style nature, but clean, on the nose and in the mouth. There are quite a few gas in all the cuvées, but I cannot find it disturbing, because the reds are not at all tannic. There is therefore not this annoying hardening. I would say that on the contrary, carbon dioxide provides an additional freshness and tension, but also relief, as it does with effervescent wine. This is why in my comments, I took into account this peler present at the opening. But you are free to remove it with an energetic crash (shaking the bottle is not enough). You will then discover very different wines. 

Chardonnay Alba 2021 (25.90 €)

I rarely do it, but a preamble seems necessary to me. As you surely know, 2021 was a catastrophic year in the Jura. At the end of April, a major part of the vines was affected by the frost. The grapes of this wine therefore come from Ardèche and were vinified / raised in the Jura. It is in this kind of case that we realize that the cellar and the vinaire material are of paramount importance. Because hard to believe that this wine is not Jura!

The dress is clear gold, slightly troubled. 

The nose is surprisingly Jura, on the grilled sesame, the firecracker and the peat. 

The mouth is slender, stretched by a fine acidity reinforced by a slight beady, while offering a fresh, soft, coated material, with a subtly smoked / grilled fruit. The balance is superb. 

The very beautiful finish does not spoil anything, with even more freshness and tension and a great persistence on the grilled sesame, the praline and the smoked peat. 

VINIF FOUR GRAPS - 4 -day maceration

The slightly troubled dress evokes the pink petal. 

The nose is discreet, slightly reduced, letting a little more caster escape and grilled / smoke notes. 

The mouth is round, full of freshness thanks to crackling micro-bubbles, with a diaphanous material with crystalline purity, and a hybridized subliminal fruit with a rose. 

The final is frank, clear, deliciously biting, on cherry yogurt and faded rosé, with a subtly smoked touch. 

Pinot Noir on Coast 2022 (29.90 €) 
Vinif in whole bunches. A little longer maceration ...

The dress is between the tile and vermilion. 

The nose is fine, light, on the cherry, the roundup, the peony and the smoked pepper. 

The mouth is spherical, very large, aerial, deploying an almost intangible material, with fresh fruit of great purity / precision. It's laser, as they would say to Top Chef, with a subtle touch of faded pink. The whole is underlined by a slight peler, not unpleasant at all. 

The finish is tracer, very fresh, with a touch of classy orange bark which is added to the cherry and smoked pepper. 


Poulsard les Sarres 2022 (33.90 €) 
Vinif in whole bunches.

The dress is between orange and peach skin. 

The nose is fine, on fermentation notes, spicy and smoked. 

The mouth combines magnitude and tension, with a thin acidity that hacks from the attack so as not to let go, and an air material, enveloping, dotted with thousands of bubbles titillating the tongue and the palate. The whole is superbly balanced, with a sober aromatic evoking white beer with citrus fruits supplemented by smoked and floral notes. 

The final is intense, explosive, with increased freshness and more invasive bubbles - but we want more - on the orange bark, the Earl Gray tea and smoked / spicy notes.


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