Guillemot-Michel : superbe 2021 !

Guillemot-Michel: Superb 2021!

vendredi 14 juin 2024

I have already told you a lot of many Ligenian whites from the vintage 2021 Who have a freshness as we had not seen then long - and that we are not about to see again, I fear it. This was confirmed on the Chablis. Suffice to say that I expected a good surprise with this Viré-Coled Quintaine 2021 of Guillemot-Michel. When I felt it, I was not yet too sure of my blow, because the exotic dominates, as in the previous vintages. But on the palate, there is not, it's 2021 spitting !!! ...
The dress is bright gold.
The nose is expressive, gourmet, on mature pineapple and vine fishing.
The mouth is lively, slender, tense by a fine acidity tracing beyond even the finish, while offering a mature and concentrated material, severe, of great aromatic intensity-exotic fruits, pear in syrup, candied cedrat.
The tonic finish is as lively as the mouth, with acidity in spine, and a material that still gains in concentration, underlined by noble souls (Pomelo bark) before extending on pineapple, kumquat and spices.


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