Un coup de maître !

A master stroke!

vendredi 14 juin 2024

I've been this cuvée for a few years Sauvignon in the air sign Jeff Carll. I always preferred it to the version Chardonnay, because less wooded and exuberant. He had a Pessac-Léognan side at maturity, except that there was no need to wait years to drink it. On this vintage 2021, the wine has a degree of alcohol less, the freshness specific to the vintage and an imperceptible wood. Which makes it a little wonder that really amazed me - while Sauvignon is really not my favorite grape. Sold at 7.50 € per unit, its quality/price ratio is exceptional (and by cardboard of 6, I do not even tell you about it ...)
The dress is pale, shiny.
The nose is fine, elegant, on the candied lemon, the pink pomelo, with a slight touch of mint and plant blackcrew.
The mouth bursts out of freshness from the attack before deploying a crunchy / frying material, delightfully tart - thanks to a subtle bead. The wine offers great aromatic intensity on a beautiful palette of citrus fruits completed by a thin vegetable touch.
The fresh and toned finish on the lemon pulp and the Pomelo bark makes this bottle even more addictive, with persistence on the Cedrat, Mint, Sage and the Bill of Cassis.
With that, I give you a provisional farewell: I go on vacation for three weeks. Pass, very good on your side!


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