Quand un Vendemia 2021 chasse l'autre

When a vendemia 2021 hunts the other

mardi 05 mars 2024


When we had gone from the exciting Vendemia 2020 vintage 2021, I admit that I was a little disappointed. I did not find what I liked in previous years. And here that by returning from vacation, I realize that the label has changed, even if it is always 2021. I look at the lot numbers: I realize that we went from 4/21 to 5/21. So I sacrifice a bottle to see the difference. And there, bingo, I like it!

I therefore encourage you to discover this 2021 New version. This is happiness !

The dress is a translucent dark purple.

The nose is rather fine, on the blackberry coulis very slightly yault, refreshed by a menthol / balsamic point.

The mouth is slender, stretched by elegant tension, while deploying a soft, airy, caressing material, with fresh and intense fruit.

The finish is sharp, with acidity savagninesque* which rises crescendo and no longer seems to be able to be stopped, and a fruit which gains in intensity by retaining the same touching sweetness.


* Recall that the Duras from which this cuvée is mainly from is a child from Savagnin


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