Deux  nouveautés chez Jeff Carrel

Two new features at Jeff Carll

mardi 05 mars 2024

To be more precise, there is a real novelty (orange wine) and a new vintage of an already existing cuvée. My previous ticket already dealing with a Jeff Carrel wine, we can say that I have the ideas of ideas, even if we completely change style and grape varieties.
For orange wine, you can say that a taboo is broken. Until now, there has been a kind of "glass floor": it is impossible to find an orange wine below 12 €. With this Angels villa, we are half this price. Finally, this makes it possible to democratize this type of wine.
Especially since this cuvée seems to me more tastefully affordable than a number of orange wines. There is of course more bitterness and astrint than a wine white traditional. But nothing unacceptable. If you don't appreciate that one, there is little chance that 95 % of the orange wines you like.
To appreciate it, we advise you to drink it at 14-15 ° C with tapas, tagine or refined hard pasta (like Parmesan, old county or mimolette).
On the thread 2021 (11.50 €)
100 % Riesling
The brilliant dress is intense gold.
The nose is just as intense, on roasted yellow fishing, mango, citrus terpenes, candied cedrat, and a slight smoked / grilled touch.
The mouth is slender, stretched by a watermark acidity, while deploying with magnitude a round, ripe, generous material, combining yellow fruits with tangy citrus fruits.
The latter take precedence in a frecking final with noble bites, supported by a welcome peler (because the wine is rich, all the same)
Orange angels villa (6.40 €)
85 % Pinot Gris, 15 % Muscat
The dress is between gold and gold (angel)
The nose is rather discreet, on the bark of citrus (tangerine, Bigarade) and the soft spices, then the flowers delicately faded (orange, pink).
The mouth is round, very large, enveloping, lining the whole palate with a finely velvety / luscious material, toned and refreshed by the 100 % citrus aromatic (bitter orange, mandarin, pomelo, lemon).
The final is sinful, with a bitterness-fellcut In a vertebral column completed an astrint on the bark of Pomelo, with a persistence on the Bigarade and


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