L'enclos : des 2022 prometteurs !

The enclosure: 2022 promising!

mardi 05 mars 2024

It is always a pleasure to discover the new vintage of Chablis of Domaine de l'Enclos. After a 2021 which was rather rare due to frost, so here 2022. He does not have the reputation of freshness of his predecessor, but an early harvest made it possible to keep acidity and tension, without having too much alcohol - we are between 12.5 and 13 %. In the end, it is certainly one of the most "Chablisiens" vintages in the domain (I mean by that that we would not take them for blind wines).
Small Chablis 2022 (20.90 €)
The dress is clear, shiny gold.
The nose is fine, very Chablisien, on the finely buttered lemon, the foam and the sea spray.
The mouth is slender, stretched by an invisible thread, unrolling a dense, mineral, tense material while offering a tactile sweet, air, on an aromatic lemonno-caillouteuse range.
The finish extends the tension of the mouth by adding an additional freshness and salinity, and superb bitters. Not as small as that... 
Chablis 2022 (23.90 €)
The dress is yellow straw, shiny.
The nose is fine, deep, on the butter white lemon, with a mineral point and a smoked touch. From the attack, the mouth is stretched like an arc without displaying protruding acidity, and deploys an air material, coated, more dense than it seems at first, with a freshness that rises crescendo, finishing by overwhelming you.
The finish is intense, Seveuse, radiating freshness and bitterness, with persistence on lemon (pulp and zest) and smoked butter. There is good!


Without sulfites added
The dress is golden, shiny, letting out a few bubbles, suggesting that there will be a little carbon dioxide.
The nose is fine, aerial, on ripe white fruits, candied lemon, with slight buttered / smoke notes.
The mouth is round, very large, enveloping, offering a generous material with dense, luscious, toned flesh and refreshed by a net of carbon dioxide.
This one strengthens in a final full of pep, reinforced by a beautiful bitterness on the bark of Pomelo and an astrint on the lemon pulp, the latter persisting quite long. Happy and invigorating!


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