Ayez  l'air Finot !

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samedi 20 juillet 2024

This morning we received the wines palette from Thomas Finot. After having stored it, just to open my appetite, I put the bottles in the fridge, and tasted them. It doesn't surprise me more than that: everything tastes great. I would like him to always be so. We are on degrees slightly higher than 2021, but the balance is there, and more greedy. Do not hesitate to buy now, because there will be no iron ...

Tractor white 2022 (11.50 €)
Jacquère 60 %, green 20 % and Chardonnay 20 %


The dress is clear, shiny gold.

The nose is very chardo, on notes of hot buttered apple and hazelnut. L

A mouth is round, fond of, with a crunchy material of freshness, with expressive and gourmet fruit, and a subtle bitterness / astrint duo that helps you and gives you a taste of come back.  

The Bigbanguesque final concentrates all this at a tiny point before exploding and starting an infinite expansion from which you do not come out completely unscathed ...

Rosé tractor 2022 (11.50 €)
Gamay and plot complained of many grape varieties

The dress is between the pink petal and the salmon.

The nose is rather discreet, on milk, spicy and caramelized notes.

The mouth is round, ample, fresh, with a silky, sensual, subtly oily material, lining the whole palate, all refreshed by a subtle bead.

The finish is much more concentrated, tense, tonic, combining tracing acidity with bitterness on the vine fishing nucleus, with persistence on sweet spices and dried orange bark.


Tractor red 2022 (11.50 €)
Persian 35 %, Gamay 35 %, Pinot 25 %and Merlot 5 %

The dress is a translucent dark ruby.

The nose is discreet, on the plum nucleus and resin-ballsamic notes that send you to Italy.

The mouth is tense, stretched by a thin acidity, and offers a velvety / luscious material, with a superbly dark fruit and always this balsamic side.

The finish prolongs the tension of the mouth accompanied by a fine tasty lamb's lettuce, on the cherry / plum red and their respective nuclei, and this evergreen acidity which continues its route on spicy / resinous / balsamic notes. Falling for something !



Natural sparkling 2022 (15.90 €)
Jacquère 60 %, green 20 % and Chardonnay 20 %


 The dress is pale yellow trouble

The nose is fresh, on the hot apple, lemon zest and humid chalk.

The mouth is round, ample, enveloping, with a luscious, almost soft, toned material and refreshed by thousands of bubbles as crepitent as creamy

The final is intense and explosive, noted Triple A ++, with a HASIntense Mound on the bark of citrus and quinquina, and a HASstiffness HASCidule on the lemon pulp that lasts long.


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