Rapatel est épatant !

Rapatel is amazing!

lundi 04 décembre 2023

A few weeks ago, Gérard Eyraud of Rapatel domain (Gard) launched an appeal to rescue because the Commercial Court was to rule on its compulsory liquidation. The mobilization worked well, since the sudden influx of cash convinced the company's viability court.
Even if he is not certified, Gérard Eyraud is more organic than organic: he only uses plants to treat his vines, forbidding copper and sulfur. And it's the same to the cellar: input zero, sulfur included. Very long guards in tank in order to strengthen the resistance of oxygen wines. We can only see that it works very well.
I only opened the cuvées of which we had a lot of copies. But the large cuvées in the estate seem to be superb if I believe colleagues in whom I have all confidence.
PS: Gérard Eyraud was bullfighter in another life (without killing). It explains the presence of bulls everywhere on its labels and traffic jams
Twig white 2018 (11.50 €)
Viognier, Chardonnay, Roussanne, Vermentino, Muscat


The dress is between gold and copper, reminiscent of an old sweet.

The nose is very expressive, on the faded rose, orange blossom, dry apricot and oriental spices.

The mouth is slender, stretched by a large tension, while offering a round, ample, ripe material, with a soft, almost oily texture. The general balance is most successful.

The finish is toned and concentrated, mixing a muscular aromatic with noble bites on the apricot nucleus.


Grenache white, Marsanne


The dress is an impressive intense gold.

The nose is fine, complex, on ripe yellow fruits, honey and truffle.

The mouth combines magnitude and tension, with a soft, airy - but deep material that makes you elegant the whole palace, leaving a subtle fat film. It's simply class.

The finish prolongs the tension the mouth by providing it with an additional pep and a thin bitterness, on vine fishing, honey and truffle. Top !


Twig red 2018 (11.50 €) 
Cabernet-Sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, Merlot
The dress is dark garnet translucent
The nose is fine, complex, on the plum compote, leather, dried orange bark ... and many other things (including a hint of volatile).

The mouth is just as fine, tense, with a silky and fresh material gradually gaining density, and a decadent aromatic, marrying a vibrating fruit with tertiary notes.

The finish delivers a fine tasty lamb's lettuce, with a return to the plum enhanced by the bark of citrus and the spices.


Caraques 2008/2009  (18.50 €)
100 % Syrah - Assembly of the two vintages

The dress is dark garnet with tiled reflections.

The nose is fine, evolved, on the undergrowth, the bark of dried citrus, the old patinated lightning.

The mouth contrasts by its freshness and its liveliness: it is very fine, energetic, of a good magnitude, with an expressive fruit both young and old.

It is rather the old man who wins in a fresh, complex and tertiary finish, making an ancestral banyuls think, alcohol and sugar less. Crazy !


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