Le pinot comme on aime !

Pinot as we like!

mardi 05 mars 2024

Since we have a reasonable amount in stock I "risked" to taste the Côtes d'Auxerre 2022 of Bersan Domaine. Initiative rewarded, because I enjoyed myself. We are really on Pinot Noir as I like, fruity, crunchy, with a freshness worthy of 2021 - it is a compliment. The price (17.90 €) is not defrosting in view of the current Burgundian context: you can find it worse at double the price ...


The dress is a translucent dark ruby.

The nose is discreet, on the cherry, raspberry and the fall undergrowth. The mouth is round, loose, coating, deploying a flexible material, finely velvety, with fresh, crunchy fruit, on the cherry and the nucleus.

The finish is even more fruity and gourmet than the mouth, with this pine -fantal touch of petrichor, making wine outright irresistible.



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