Choé 2021 : un merlot comme vous en avez rarement bu !

Choé 2021: A Merlot as you have rarely drank!

mardi 05 mars 2024



It's been almost 20 years that I have been the stylistic evolution of wines from Jean-Louis Denois. Gradually, he has raised his foot on maturity, extractions, farms well marked by wood, with increasingly light, even non -existent sulfitages. Finally, an approach fairly close to that of Thierry Germain In the Loire.

The last Chloe, her 100 % Merlot cuvée, dated from 2015. It could be brought it closer to a Bordeaux cuvée, or even from the new world as Dany Rolland had suggested to me who had tasted her blind. That of 2021 is completely different: we sail between a Pinot Noir Bourguignon, a Cab 'by Thierry Germain and a wine from Didier Barral when it is at its best.

The dress is translucent purple.

The nose is fine, on ripe red fruits, a subtle point of volatile and menthol, and beautiful smoked / spicy notes (note that it varies quite a bit over the tasting, presenting a more profile at times " nature")

The mouth combines magnitude and tension, with a fine and fresh material that unfolds elegantly, and a common thread that hops you from the attack so as not to let go. All with a bright, vibrating fruit, highlighted by a delicate wooded.

The finish extends the dynamics of the mouth while adding it a fine tasty, deliciously biting lamb's lettuce, with an additional fruit and freshness. Before a thin acidity arises which pierces the palate and the soul on a background of black, menthol and cocoa fruit. One of the greatest wines produced by Jean-Louis Denois!



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