L'Eclipse #7


Carl (Jeff)





L'Eclipse #7 L'Eclipse #7
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
12,82 € 38,44 € Prix par bouteille: 12,82 € / 75cl
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amazing wines

An opportunity to surprise you

amazing wines

An opportunity to surprise you

Description of wine 🍷

Mis en bouteille à F-11200

Cépages : 63% Grenache / 37% Merlot

Terroir : Schiste pour le Grenache de Maury / Merlot de Limoux.

Conduite de la vigne : Grenache en Gobelet / Merlot en cordon de Royat.

Elevage : Minimum 18 mois en fût de chêne grain fin et foudre.

Assemblage de plusieurs millésimes de 2014 à 2020.

Dégustation : la robe est pourpre sombre bien translucide. Le nez est expressif, sur la crème de mûre / cerise noire, les épices douces, la boutique du torréfacteur et le pain grillé. La bouche est ronde, ample, élégante, déployant une matièré étonnament fine et fraîche, ne manquant pas de tension. On reste néanmoins sur une aromatique bien mûre enrichie de notes d'élévage. En mileu, et plus encore en fin de bouche, la matière se densifie sans perdre en élégance, devenant plus charnue / veloutée, puis carrément mâchue, sur la compotée de cerises noires, le café et les notes grillées.

14.5 % Alc. Vol.

What is an author wine?

This can be so diverse depending on the personality of their sire, that it is easier to define what it is not. An author wine is anything but a standard, stereotypical wine, made to please as many people as possible. It is therefore rarely produced in millions of copies, copying itself from vintage in vintage.

An author wine is therefore a wine that does not look like that of the neighbor. Which from year to year will evolve according to the vagaries of the weather and the mood of the author - the two that can be linked. Because the author does not rely on market studies to carry out his boat. He makes his wine as he feels, as he likes, as he can, sometimes ... and too bad if he does not please everyone.

This is why author wines are sometimes classified as "table wine" or "France wine". Because the winemaker did not plan the authorized grape variety*, makes the assembly or vinification recommended in the name **. He is often a bit rebellious, our author. But that is why we like it! ... That said, author's wines are not systematically marginal: they are present in most of the appellations, and can be part of the elite of these this***. Because they are not content to have personality: they are good, in addition! With in general aDegree of TorchabilityVery high: we never tire of it at the end of the first sip.

As author's wines are not chaptalized, levied, hacked ... They can have very different profiles depending on the vintage. It is up to us (resellers and consumers) to accept them as they are, and to remain faithful to the producers, because they need us to continue their activity.


* For example, theTouriga Nacionalin the Minervois, or theSyrahIn Forez ribs. They are crazy, these authors!

** Some winegrowers dare to produceSweety with Mourvèdre or oneNatural sparkling with Pineau d'Aunis

*** Like those of Jean-François Ganevat in the Jura or Zind-Humbercht in Alsace

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