Brusquembille : du bonheur liquide !

Abrupt: liquid happiness!

mardi 03 octobre 2023

Going on Sunday to friends, I listened "We will taste" On France Inter (we do not do it again). Jérôme win has praised theAS of the spike of Basse-Basse Domaine. No bowl, we no longer have one for the moment. On the other hand, we have cookedAbrupt that I have just tasted. And it's a little wonder! I have known her for about fifteen years: I don't think I have already drunk her at this level. Maybe the previous times, I was drinking it too young. There; It is perfectly up. No need to wait for him longer.

The dress is a translucent dark garnet.

The nose is first marked by a very syrah smoking / peppercour reduction. With ventilation, raspberry appears as well as violet candy and white pepper.

The mouth is round, ample, silky, unfolding a dense and soft, sensual material, with an elegant, deep fruit, of moving purity (raspberry as you never kicked).

The finish gains in intensity and freshness, without taking the slightest hardness, giving way to an explosion of jubilant flavors (raspberry, incense, violet, spices) ,. A pure delight!


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